Empire of the Petal Throne to GURPS Translation


Since starting characters in GURPS have 100 points, a first level EPT PC starts with that amount. But a "normal" person in GURPS is 25 points, so 1st level EPT NPCs start at that number of points. The following table shows the points given for various EPT levels:

EPT Level GURPS PC Points GURPS NPC Points
1 100 25
2 105 30 (+5)
3 110 35
4 115 40
5 120 45
6 125 50
7 130 55
8 140 65 (+10)
9 150 75
10 160 85

Players should design their characters at 100 points and then spend the extra points as if they received them during play. This way any increases in the basic attributes will cost double and they won't be able to take 150 points of physical advantages.


The following table shows the equivalent EPT Basic Talents and GURPS Attributes:

EPT Basic Talent GURPS Attribute
Strength ST
Dexterity DX
Intelligence IQ
Constitution HT

Since Empire of the Petal Throne uses randomly rolled Basic Talents, the levels of GURPS ST, DX, IQ and HT given below are guidelines, and therefore optional. Character points must still be spent normally. Since there are no attributes in GURPS for Comeliness and Psychic Ability, these EPT attributes translate into the GURPS Appearance advantages/disadvantages and Magery, respectively (see tables below).

When choosing basic attributes for the converted character keep the relative ratios approximately the same. If the character's Strength was higher than his Intelligence as a EPT character it should be higher as a GURPS character as well. The primary idea is to capture the same feeling in the character. The following tables work well as numbers with which to start. Adjust them as needed.

EPT Basic Talent GURPS Attribute
1 3
2 4
3-5 5
6-9 6
10-16 7
17-26 8
27-38 9
39-50 10
51-62 11
63-74 12
75-84 13
85-91 14
92-95 15
96-98 16
99 17
100 18


EPT Comeliness GURPS Appearance
01-10 Hideous Hideous
11-20 Ugly Ugly
21-30 Average Unattractive
31-50 Average Average
51-70 Goodlooking Attractive
71-80 Very Goodlooking Attractive, +1 Charisma
81-90 Handsome / Beautiful Handsome
91-95 Very Handsome / Very Beautiful Very Beautiful
96-00 Wildly Handsome / Gloriously Beautiful Very Beautiful, +5 Charisma


EPT Psychic Ability GURPS Magery
01-20 Non-Psychic none
21-40 Barely Psychic none
41-60 Average Psychic none
61-80 Somewhat Psychic Magery 1
81-95 Quite Psychic Magery 2
96-00 Highly Psychic Magery 3


Using the above charts, a 6th level Str 93, Dex 77, Int 35, Con 65, Psy 39, Com 45 EPT warrior might be ST 15, DX 13, IQ 9, HT 12 in GURPS with no Magery and Average appearance. This would cost 100 character points which would require the character to take some disadvantages to afford advantages and skills. Once the initial design is done, award the extra 25 points for having been a 6th level EPT character.


The various coinage in EPT and GURPS breaks down as follows:

EPT Money : 400 copper Qirgal = 20 silver Hlash = 1 gold Kaitar.
GURPS Money : 100 copper = $20 = 1 gold.

Convert EPT money into silver Hlash, then Hlash = GURPS $. GURPS wealth advantages and disadvantages will need to be taken, if starting wealth (including possessions) is above or below $1000. See Wealth table below:

EPT Wealth GURPS Wealth
< 10 Kaitars Dead Broke
10-24 Kaitars Poor
25-49 Kaitars Struggling
50-99 Kaitars Average
100-249 Kaitars Comfortable
250-999 Kaitars Wealthy
1000-4999 Kaitars Very Wealthy
5000-49,999 Kaitars Filthy Rich
Each additional x10 +1 level of Multimillionaire


Converting skills is relatively easy. Pick the GURPS equivalents of the desired EPT skills and add a few more from the GURPS list. Some of the EPT skills are multiple skills in GURPS (EPT assassin-spy-tracker becomes Stealth, Tracking, Shadowing, Poison, etc.).

EPT_Skill GURPS_Skill
Group I: Plebian  
Baker Baking (new Professional)
Barber Barbering (Professional)
Bootmaker Leatherworking
Bricklayer Bricklaying (new Professional)
Butcher Butchery (new Professional)
Carpenter Carpentry
Carpet-maker Carpetmaking (new Professional)
Cook Cooking
Dyer Dyeing (new Professional)
Farmer Agronomy
Fisherman Fishing
Glass-blower Glassblowing (new Professional)
Grocer Grocer (new Professional)
Mason Masonry (Professional)
Merchant Merchant
Miner Miner (new Professional)
Paper-ink maker Paper-ink making (new Professional)
Perfumer Perfumery (new Professional)
Potter Pottery
Rope and net maker Rope and Net making (new Professional)
Sail maker Sail making (new Professional)
Tailor Tailoring (Professional)
Tanner Tanning (new Professional)
Weaver Weaving (Professional)
Wine-maker Vintner (Professional)
Group II: Skilled  
Animal-trainer Animal Handling
Bird trainer Falconry
Fletcher Armoury/TL 3 (Bow and Arrow specialization)
Hunter Tracking, Stealth
Jeweller-goldsmith Jewelery
Mountaineer Climbing, Survival (Mountain)
Sailor Seamanship
Scribe-accountant Calligraphy, Accounting
Ship-builder Shipbuilding
Smith-armourer Blacksmith, Armoury
Swimmer-diver Swimming
Wheelright Mechanic (Wagons)
Group III: Noble  
Alchemist Alchemy
Artist-sculptor Artist, Sculptor
Assassin-spy-tracker Stealth, Tracking, Shadowing, Poison...
Astronomer-navigator Astronomy/TL 3, Navigation
Author Writing
Botanist Botany
Courtesan/Don Juan Sex Appeal
Dancer Dancing
Engineer-Architect Engineering, Architecture
Geologist Geology
Interpreter Language skills
Mathematician Mathematics
Musician Musical Instrument
Orator Bard
Physician Medical skills
Poet Poetry
Scholar Scientific skills
Warrier Professional Skills  
Spearman Spear, Pole Weapons
Mace/Flail user Axe/Mace, Flail
Axeman Axe/Mace
Swordsman Broadsword, Shortsword
Slinger Sling
Bola-Slinger Bola
Crossbowman Crossbow
Bowman Bow
Broadsword and Dagger man Fencing, Main-Gauche
Sapper Demolitions, Miner (Professional)
Catapult-Artillerist Engineer (Primitive), Gunner (catapult)
Strategist Strategy


Converting spells is relatively difficult. If you try to pick the GURPS equivalents of a number of EPT spells it may turn out that you need to know a hundred spells (or more!) to meet all the prerequisite requirements. Pick out the major spells that have close equivalents and take all their prerequisites.

EPT Priestly Skill GURPS Spell/Skill
Know two modern languages two modern language skills
Know two ancient languages two ancient language skills
Production of light Light
Detect Evil/Good ?
Cure Light Wounds Minor Healing
ESP Sense Life (or Mind Reading)
Telepathy Telepathy
Protection from Evil/Good ?
Cure Serious Wounds Major Healing
Control Person Control Person
Remove Curse Remove Curse
Revivify Resurrection
EPT Magic User Skill GURPS Spell/Skill
Control Self ?
Illusion various Illusion spells
Clairaudience Far Hearing
Clairvoyance Glass Wall
Telekinesis Apportation, Poltergeist
Astrology Astronomy/TL 3 skill, or Divination: Astrology
Medium Summon Spirit
Nature Control animal Control spells
Necromancy Control Zombie
Control Underworld Creatures ?
The Grey Hand Deathtouch
Bonus Spells  
Group I Spell GURPS Spell
Calm ?
Create Food and Drink Create Food, Create Water
Creatures Create Animal
Curse/Bless Curse and Bless or Fear and Bravery
Disbelieve and Dispel Dispel Illusion
Dispel Evil/Good Counterspell or Ward
Door Control Magelock and Lockmaster
Fear Panic
Heal Minor Wounds Minor Healing
Levitate Levitation
Light Continual Light
Locate Gold and Gems Seek Earth
Locate Objects Seeker
Madness Madness
Plague Pestilence
Protection from Evil/Good ?
Shadows Darkness
Seeing Other Planes See Invisible
Group II Spell GURPS Spell
Charm Creature animal Control spells
Cold Frostbite
Creatures Create Animal
Cure Disease Cure Disease
Dispel Magic Dispel Magic, Suspend Enchantment
Extra-vision Glass Wall, Hawk Vision
Hands of Kra the Mighty ?
Heal Serious Wounds Major Healing
Invisibility Invisibility
Neutralize Poison Neutralize Poison
Paralysis Total Paralysis
Petrefaction Flesh to Stone
Sleep Mass Sleep
Slow/Haste Hinder, Haste or Great Haste
Transmutation Earth to Stone, Stone to Earth
Vapor of Death ?
Withering Wither Limb
Zoomorphy ?
Group III Spell GURPS Spell
Apparitions ?
Change Self and Others Shapeshifting, Shapeshift Others
Control Terrain Earth to Air, Shape Earth, Shape Stone
Creatures Create Animal
The Demon Summon Demon
Doomkill ?
Enchant Armor and Weapons Accuracy, Fortify or Deflect
Energy Bolt Lightning
Fly Flight, Hawk Flight
Infernal Barrier ?
Invulnerability ?
Mind Bar Greater Geas
Quest Lesser Geas
Raise the Dead Zombie
Reincarnation ?
Research ?
Sending of Evil Pestilence
Shield of Defense Force Dome
Silver Halo of Soul-Stealing ?
Teleport Teleport, Teleport Other
Walls ?
Weather Control ?
Wish Create Object or Great Wish

This material originally appeared in the electronic mailing list Tékumel Digest #8 on July 25th 1991.

Copyright © 1991 by Brett Slocum. Empire of the Petal Throne copyright © 1975 by M.A.R. Barker. GURPS copyright © 1986-2006 by Steve Jackson Games.